Jesse Brisendine's Zero Limits Mastermind

Jesse Brisendine's Zero Limits Mastermind

There is a purpose for you being here. I want to help you discover it, maximize it, and have a ton of fun along the way.

Dear Soon to be Zero Limits Mastermind Member,

Are you fed up with making New Years Resolution and then never keeping them?

How much time have you let pass by and said, "this year, this month, today I am going to change, but you never do?"

How much money have you spent trying to rework or "fix" some area of your life, yet it remains broken?

Are you 100% serious and committed to making 2016 the most epic year of your life?

I have seen a lot of programs over the years that promise the moon to people, but fall far short in their delivery. Folks who signed up for these programs are left feeling more lost and more helpless than ever before. Trust me I know, I was once one of those people.

I invested $100's, then $1000's of my hard earned dollars in programs that promised me "the secret to success," or guaranteed me the "Keys that would unlock my potential." One of my favorites was a program that promised to transform me into a six figure income earner overnight. I excitedly paid my fee as I allowed myself to dream what my life would become when I started earning six figures. I did the course and guess what… overnight came and went and I was still not earning anywhere near six figures.

As time went on I became more and more frustrated with the self-improvement courses out there that kept over promising and under delivering. I knew I was not the only person out there that was searching for a program that really did deliver what it promised. A program that created an environment where its participants could thrive and excel in while pursuing their dreams.

Not only that, but I knew that there were more people out there like me that were fed up spending their time and money on programs that just didn't produce results.

I began delving into my own studies trying to figure out the secrets to success, happiness, love, health and fulfillment. Not only did I want to understand these areas, I wanted to master them so that I could teach them to others and save good people, like yourself, the heartache of participating in another program that is filled with empty promises.

Fueled by this passion: the passion to help folks like yourself, unlock the doors that other programs were not unlocking; motivated me to create the Zero Limits Mastermind.

Imagine this: The date is December 31, 2016. You are standing quietly reflecting over the year you just lived. Allow yourself to feel the smile that forms on your face when you realize that the life you are living now is radically transformed than the life you were living in 2015.

What does it feel like to have let go of baggage that followed you around most of your adult life?

How does it feel to live with the knowing that you have supreme confidence in yourself and the decisions you make?

What is your romantic relationship like? Have you finally begun dating and building a life together with that soul mate you have been searching for? Have you rekindled the romance with your longtime partner?

How about money? How does it feel having not only had an amazingly profitable year financially and your relationship with money has changed? No longer does money rule you, you now rule it and use it to do some really cool stuff.

What is your health like on December 31st 2016? How do you feel being in the best shape of your life? How does it feel having more energy and vitality now than you did when you were 20?

How many new friendships and business connections have you formed by being a part of a group of likeminded people from all parts of the world?

Have you done any traveling to new and exotic places? Maybe you went to a new country and stayed with one of your new friends that you met in the Zero Limits Mastermind.

My friends all of the above and more is what I intend to offer to you when you participate in the Zero Limits Mastermind.

This program is not for just anybody. I am only allowing 50 highly motivated people to participate. These are people who are committed to making 2016 their most epic year yet.

Remember, this program is only for people who want to:
  • Create an epic 2016
  • Build amazing relationships
  • Earn more money
  • Broaden professional and personal networks
  • Continue life education and personal/professional development
  • Obtain a superior level of health
  • Add more passion to life
  • Be a part of a highly motivated community and have access to the support and resources that come with it
Lori Evans

"I joined the Zero Limits Mastermind (ZLM) because I wanted massive accountability and to surround myself with like-minded people who inspire me to be a better version of myself, which in turn allows me to attain my goals! What I feel I have received from being a member of the ZLM is amazing connections with people, who like myself, are aiming for their happiest and most fulfilled lives. Seeing others in this group who are succeeding at this keeps me fired up and motivated to go forward with my goals and attain them! One of my major goals for me this year is to finish my weight loss journey that I started on last year. I will finish it at my ultimate goal weight by the end of this year and inspire others to do the same. I highly recommend ZLM to all who have a desire and passion to succeed in life and want the motivation and resources to do so! Come join us on an amazing journey to your Ultimate Self!"
—Faith, Canada

Program Highlights:

  • Monthly Focus Point Call/Webinar — each month we will focus on a big idea that will be highlighted in these calls
  • Weekly live strategy session and Q&A with me to make sure all your questions are getting answered and you have maximum accountability
  • An accountability buddy(s) that will work with you to ensure you are getting the results you want
  • Access to the Secret Members only Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to present your business/service to fellow ZLM group and expand your professional network
  • Guest experts in areas like finance and wealth building
  • Weekly goal setting accountability
  • One ticket to an Unlock Your Greatness 2016 event ($997 value)
  • Access to a large support group of like-minded people
  • Membership to a global community all focused on making 2016 their most epic year ever
  • One private Breakthrough Coaching Session with me ($550 value)
  • Invitations to Private Zero Limits Mastermind members only meet ups and events
  • Priority registration for future Jesse Brisendine programs
  • 2016 has all the potential to be your greatest year. By deciding now to participate in the Zero Limits Mastermind you are taking your first giant step towards making an epic 2016 a reality.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey.

Carpe Diem,


Option 1

$997 annually
(save $191)

Option 2

$99/month with a 12 month commitment

P.S. Remember, you already know what will happen if you walk away and do not sign up. Another year of your life will pass… a year that will be filled with more "what if's" and "I wish I could have's." Hasn't enough time passed already? If not now, when??? You can sit around and wait to hopefully win the lottery, or you can take control of your life and make your own luck.

Sanne Hasfeldt

"I joined the Zero Limits Mastermind (ZLM) because I didn't want another year passing by doing the same thing over and over again with no fulfillment or spiritual growth. I wanted to invest in myself this year seeking out my true potentials of what is possible for me! This is what I've gotten it out of it so far: Accountability is the key to success and can be helpful when you have an accountability buddy, someone who is like-minded and wants to see you succeed by giving you advice along the way. Perception is everything! How we choose to perceive certain moments in our life and how we will feel about it can make us have either a bad day or a good day. We can always reframe our thoughts to change an ordinary day into an extraordinary day:) This is what I know I will eventually achieve: Feeling more confidence in myself with the tools I have learned to move forward in my life and advance with my career and relationships. I recommend ZLM for you because it's a great group of like-minded individuals all seeking growth in certain areas of life. Having the support of others and continuous inspirations helps me to move forward on my journey in life. Jesse's kick off meetings each month sets the tone of what we are zeroing in on. Learning from other members experiences helps build onto my own self growth and awareness. Jesse is always there to support and answer any questions because he truly wants us all to succeed. If you're willing to take the time for yourself and do the work, then the Zero Limits Mastermind is for you."
—Jennifer, Michigan

P.P.S. Think about this: If you can make just one significant change in any major area of your life (health, family, romantic relationship, spirituality/religion, career, personal development) it will completely pay for your investment in this program. It is worth it to you, isn't it?

Option 1

$997 annually
(save $191)

Option 2

$99/month with a 12 month commitment

Sanne Hasfeldt

"I joined the Zero Limits Mastermind (ZLM) because I think Jesse's programs are absolutely great and I already achieved awesome results with the 28 days Flat Belly challenge. I knew at this point I had to change something and so the ZLM came right on time. Almost 4 months are over now and I've got many things out of it so far. I became more spontaneous, learned to love myself more, I’m dealing better with difficult situations and see the positive side in situations that seem awful at first. I found new friends in our ZLM members group, inspiring people. Jesse as our coach and the other members also encourage you to talk about things you never talked about before and follow your dreams. I shared something from my life with them even most of my friends don’t know about and the understanding and support was just overwhelming! Because of that, I'm working to realize a dream I had almost forgotten about. Jesse gives me the inspiration not to give up, keep trying and gives me back the ability to see the beauty of the world around me. This year will continue to be one of the most exciting one in my life, also because I'll travel to the states for the very first time! At the end of this year I'm sure I'll have some great new experiences and I'll know what I really want in my life and how to accomplish it. I can recommend ZLM to you when you are on a certain point in your life where you are stuck and want to find out how to make things better and be the person you want to be. Do not think you and your dreams are not worth it, they are! Jesse can help you achieve them!"
—Nele, Germany