Stress Relief by Jesse Brisendine

Stress Relief

How would you like to radically reduce and potentially eliminate some of those overwhelming and consuming feelings of stress and anxiety?

In this Stress Relieving and Anxiety Reducing training, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Manage and potentially eliminate feelings of stress
  • Learn how to instantly shift your emotional state from stress/anxiety to happiness/joy
  • Tap into the amazing mental resourcefulness of your unconscious mind
  • Access your most empowering emotions
  • Handle overwhelming and consuming feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Build in daily success habits that can help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life

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"I've struggled with stress/anxiety most of my adult life. The physiological symptoms would incapacitate me some days leaving me feeling exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. I stumbled upon Jesse's stress relief training and I jumped on board. It has been my life raft. Jesse's training immediately left me feeling more calm and grounded, and with the tools I need from his '5 Steps for Eliminating Stress' I can utilize whenever I need to & I'm able to retrieve that state more easily."

Training includes:

  • Five tools you can use right away to relieve your stress instantly
  • A step by step stress reducing, relaxing, and energizing meditation
  • 50 minutes of instruction, tools, and strategies with specific examples of how to implement each of them
  • Simple and easy to do stress relieving exercises

These are some of the exact tools and strategies that I teach to my private coaching clients. Once you are signed up, you will be given instant access. If relieving your stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm is something that would dramatically improve your quality of life, then LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN and GET YOU SIGNED UP!

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