Jesse Brisendine's Six Weeks to Ultimate Self Love

Six Weeks to Ultimate Self Love

During this training you can expect to

  • Get a clear understanding of what self love is and what role it will play in your life going forward
  • Release emotional baggage that you have been carrying around for far to long
  • Learn how to forgive and finally forgive those you haven't
  • Create a new more empowering view of yourself and the world around you
  • Learn how to build life long habits that foster mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Learn how to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty
  • Create strong boundaries with the "emotional energy drainers," in your life
  • Let go of the negative energy and emotion from the past
  • Learn tools and strategies to help you create a future that is abundant with self love
As an added bonus (I love added bonuses) for participating in Six Weeks to Ultimate Self Love, you will get:
  • A private breakthrough 1-on-1 coaching session with me (value $600)
  • A signed copy of my book "Ouch My Heart Is Broken"
  • Access to a VIP Facebook group that is for program participants only
  • Priority registration for Unlock Your Greatness

Here are all the details

  • The Self Love Training runs for six consecutive weeks
  • You will receive a new training video every week directly to your inbox
  • You will access to the training as well as any bonus training's and updates for life
  • The Investment for this program is $247, for a limited time: $147

My friend,
This is your opportunity to do the required work and bring into your life the Self Love that has been lacking.

I encourage you to ask yourself: "What will my life be like when I live it in a way where every day I am filled with an abundance of self-love?"

Click the button below to join me, and together, we are going to work to create that life; one that IS filled with an abundance of Self Love.