Testimonials of Santa Barbara Life Coach: Jesse Brisendine

Life Coaching Testimonials

Paul Walker

"Jesse has been one of the most positive influences in my life. His drive, energy, and passion for 'living' life are contagious and unparalleled. He has a tremendous dedication to helping people realize their better self. I am continually impressed with Jesse's professionalism and commitment to helping the people he works with. Jesse has a great sense of humor, which really helps keep things light and in perspective while working through some of the more challenging aspects of life. The life lessons he teaches and advocates are the same tools I use that have helped me become who I am today."
—Paul Walker, Actor

Lori Evans

"Jesse is one of the most extraordinary human beings I've ever known. His intuitive nature and healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy allows him to connect with people authentically and uncover what's holding them back from living a life of their dreams. Because he gently guided me back on my path, I found my happiness and am living on purpose every day. Finding Jesse was no accident. He has been the most significant person for elevating my business and personal life. He's a game changer!"
—Lori Evans, CEO Lori Evans Pilates, Southern California

Sanne Hasfeldt

"Jesse radiates so much warmth, joy and kindness that he made me feel safe and made me feel that I could trust him. I felt from our first talk that he was a person that I could open up to and tell him things I have kept hidden deep inside of me. Jesse helped me see things in a new perspective; he helped me see the world through happy eyes. I wake up every morning happy and grateful for being alive and enjoying it. Thank you is such a poor word when it comes to thanking Jesse. I cannot find a word that describes how much I appreciate Jesse’s help. I am so grateful for Jesse’s support and for pushing me in the right direction. Jesse has inspired me to live my most fulfilled life. People say that it is amazing how much I have changed in just 12 weeks. These 12 weeks has been the BEST gift I have ever given myself. Jesse will always have a special place in my heart because Jesse has helped me change my life. I am ready to soar."
—Sanne Hasfeldt, Lundtofte, Denmark