Why Positive Thinking Is Not The Answer

There is a huge misconception about positive thinking – it’s been sold almost as this idea that if all you do is think positive then life will work out perfectly.

If you think thinking positive is going to solve all your problems, then you got a problem.

Positive thinking is important and boy does it sure help brighten up a cloudy day, but relying solely on it to change what needs to be changed ain’t gonna cut it.
If you were in the middle of winter, freezing cold temperatures, whiteout conditions, you wouldn’t go outside in your swimsuit and chant for 60 minutes, with a smile on your face, “there’s no snow, there’s no snow!”
Assuming you survive the 60 minutes of Positive Thinking vs Mother Nature you may quickly realize that the only way to change your current circumstances is if you take actions to change them.
Listen. You got one shot at right now. If positively wishing things away hasn’t worked yet, it’s time for you to step up to the plate and start swinging for the fences.
A few ways you can do that:
#1 Ask yourself, “When you have been able to achieve success in the past, what exactly did you do?”
#2 Start working with a mentor/coach. Utilizing the guidance and expertise of someone who has been there, done that, and helped 100’s of other people do the same is the sure way to solve your problem. You and I can chat about that in more detail by clicking this link.
#3 Focus on the future vs the right now. Often we get so caught up/obsessed, with our problems, that we completely miss the potential that is existing just beyond the horizon.
#4 Journal it out. Write about what is going on, but write as if you were an observer and you are the person you are observing. What is going on from this perspective? What advice would you give to yourself as an observer?
There’s a home run hitter inside of you.
Today is your day – it is time to step up to the plate.
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