Where Do Limiting Beliefs Come From

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Why is it that some of the biggest dreamers (maybe this is you?) never realize their dreams because they lack the self-belief that they can make them come true?

How can someone believe so concretely in what they can’t do despite the burning desire within to do more?

Life limitations are not pre-assigned at birth… they are self-imposed.

Meaning: when we are in line, waiting our turn, the storks do not deal out at random our perceptual limitations before whisking us off to our new life.

Our limiting beliefs are learned. They can also be taught to us, but we still, at some point, make the decision to learn those teachings & except them as dogma for our life going forward.

That which we learn can also be unlearned. That which we believe can also be disproven.

Take this recent conversation I had with a client of mine as an example. They exemplify the possibility that exists for all when the beliefs that limit a person cease to exist.

Client: Last month was my most profitable month ever!

Me: Fu*k that’s awesome!! Congrats!

Client: Not only was it financially the most profitable, I had the most amazing month of being connected & present with my wife.

Me: So awesome!

Client: I managed to work out 4 days a week consistently (as you know I was struggling to make one day). I ate healthily. My wife and I even went out of town one weekend.

I did all of this and my level of stress/anxiety had to be at least 50 – 70% less than what it normally would be.

Me: WOW!! What a month you have had. You deserve this!

Client: When we first met and you told me this was a possibility, I thought you were full of shit. The only reason I gave working with you a shot was because I knew something had to change. No offense.

Me: None taken ?

Client: I felt like I had tried everything else, but I would never have thought to examine my own beliefs. The limiting belief exercises we have done have been some of the most empowering tools I have ever acquired. Thank you.

Me: Thank you for giving me a shot at helping you. You deserve to experience the best that life has to offer. You deserve time away, superior health, a thriving business, and an awesome relationship – you deserve to live each day fulfilled.

Client: YES I DO!! I’m looking forward to our call tomorrow!

Me: Great answer! Me too.

Limitations only limit a person to the extent that that person believes they are limited.

Believe it or not, what is holding you back, right now, is not him, her, Trump, where you live, your job, your marriage, your finances, etc… What is holding you back is what you believe about those things.

Do limiting beliefs hold you back? Would you like some help changing that? Send me an email, say hello, and let me know what limiting beliefs you are up against and what type of life you want to start living. We can work together to create it.

Carpe Diem,



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