The Value in Taking Risk

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Today’s conversation is: “The Value in Taking Risk,” featuring Brian Ernst

The Value in Taking Risk
The Value in Taking Risk Brian Ernst

We cover:
* Your average of your 5 people
* Trust vs Lie’s what is the truth
* The power of perception
And much more

About Brian

Brian Ernst is an Illinois ICON Agent and the head of The Brian Ernst Team at eXp Realty. He is a Double Diamond Award Recipient.#1 eXp agent in units sold in Illinois in 2018eXp University Agent Faculty – ICON Instructor Certified eXp Mentor

The Value in Taking Risk

#1 International Bestselling Author of “The Half Millionaire Real Estate Agent,” and “Cracking the Homeseller’s Code”
With over 16 years of real estate experience he has closed 1000+ transactions to the tune of over $120 million dollars SOLD. That equates to helping more than 628 families buy, sell, or rent.

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