Three Ways to Instantly Become More Passionate About Life


A word that when you hear it you want what is the source of it.

We see people throughout life who have “it.” The “it” they have is passion.

Whether it is in their relationship, their career, their family, or just how they interact with life; there is no mistaking a passionate person.

The big myth about passion is that it is reserved only for those who were born with it; meaning you either won the genetic lottery and have it, or you don’t.

Nothing could be further from the truth for passion is not something you are born with, it is something you create. And who doesn’t want to create more passion in their life?

As fate would have it, you are a born creator – born to create an emotional experience that brings you joy and fulfillment every day of your life.

Unfortunately most of us are not taught these tools in school – after all we have other, more important things to focus on like The symbolism of the green light at the end of the pier in “The Great Gatsby,” (Why can’t the light just be green?).

Recently I hosted a training where I shared three ways you can instantly become more passionate about life.  You can watch that training below.  These ways are simple strategies that anyone can do, but to do them will require you to step up to the plate of life and command more from yourself than you have before.

I hope the training was of value to you.

Let me know in the comments below.

As always if I can be of any help on your journey, you can let me know by contacting me here.

Carpe Diem,



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