The Three Things People Living Their Purpose Do

Can you believe it is already summer time! It’s a beautiful day here in my hometown of Santa Barbara and I hope it is the same for you wherever you are.
Lately I have been getting quite a few questions about living out one’s life purpose.
I love seeing these types of questions because it tells me that a movement is happening. People are no longer willing to settle for less in life when they know deep down they are meant for more.
Selfishly, these are some of my favorite clients to work with because when they have their purpose breakthrough the way they experience life changes.
I still get goosebumps every time I go through this process with people.
Perhaps you or someone you know, is in the space right now where you are ready to begin exploring and living out your life purpose.
Maybe you already are (Yay You)! Regardless of where you are on your purpose journey, I wanted to share with you the three things I see purpose driven people doing.
No matter what stage you are at in your purpose journey, doing these three things will radically enhance your life.
1 – They listen to their heart
The average human thinks 50-80,000 thoughts a day. What’s even more astounding is that for most people, the majority of those thoughts (over 70%) are negative!
One of the biggest reasons people settle for less and find themselves stuck is because they listen to these thoughts and ignore the messages that come from their heart.
Purpose driven people are the opposite. They still compete with those same voices, but they learn to tune them out and tune into what they know in their heart to be true.
2 – They feel fear and take action anyways
Just because a person is living their purpose does not mean they are exempt from Fear. The difference is, is that they have acquired tools to deal with those fear voices when they are screaming in their ears.
Most importantly they recognize that despite the presence of fear they must still take action because they know that what they want is on the other side of their fear.
3 – They seek out guidance/support from experts and mentors.
Purpose driven people have big goals, big dreams, and recognize that they have a limited amount of time here on Earth to do it all. They are not one’s to squander away hours/days/weeks of their lives putting things off.
Furthermore, as the custodians to their success, they recognize that there are always two paths to choose from: Path 1: figure everything out all by yourself or Path 2: learn from others.
Purpose driven people know that Path 2 is the accelerated path and that outside counsel is essential for life mastery.
Think of your life like a map and your purpose is the compass. With it you can get to exactly where you want to go and plot out an efficient course to get there. Without it you may spend years, even decades, stuck and wondering around wanting to get to somewhere else, but unsure of where that somewhere else is.

Hope this helps

Carpe Diem,


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