Tapping Into Your Inner GPS

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope” where we have heart centered conversations with heart centered people.
Today’s conversation is: “Tapping into Your Inner GPS ” featuring Helen MacMillan

Tapping Into Your Inner GPS
Tapping Into Your Inner GPS Helen MacMillan

We cover:
* Finding Your Bread Crumbs
* The magic that is made by speaking from the heart
* Letting go to answer the call of change
And much more

About Helen

Helen MacMillan, author, speaker and spiritual life coach, is a ‘Modern-day Emancipator’ who helps high achieving, multicultural individuals create and sustain the personal and professional freedom they desire – and yet so often eludes them.

Tapping Into Your Inner GPS

Helen’s mission is to equip those individuals who are ready to make a profound SHIFT with the mindset, skill set and healing, that allows them to powerfully and authentically create success from the inside out, using their deepest truth and wisdom as their guide.

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