Redefining Success

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Today’s conversation is: “Redefining Success,” featuring Tim Winders

Redefining Success
Redefining Success – Tim Winders

We cover:
* Seek Go Create
* Going from bank to broke and back to bank
* Utilizing obedience as a superpower
And much more

About Tim Winders

Tim Winders is a Performance Coach and author who specializes in helping Executive Teams and Entrepreneurial Leaders maximize their potential by looking beyond traditional “cookie-cutter” methods that often limit the creative process.
A lifelong student, he thrives on helping people discover how to live outside of the box and walk out their unique God-given calling.

Redefining Success

In his own life, he has frequently taken the road less traveled, and found great satisfaction off the beaten path.
As host of the SeekGoCreate podcast, Tim goes to the out of the way places to bring you people who redefine success and impact our world in remarkable ways as dreamers, movers, strategists, and connectors. Redefining success in leadership, business and ministry.

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