Developing Your Money Mindset

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Today’s conversation is: “Developing Your Money Mindset,” featuring Joyce Joyce

Developing Your Money Mindset
Developing Your Money Mindset Joyce Rojas

We cover:
* If you got government relief money – what you should do with it
* Why you need to plan before you spend
* The major mindset shift you need to make around money
And much more

About Joyce Rojas

Joyce has positively changed hundreds of people’s lives just by shifting their relationship with money. Over 19 years in the banking & investment industry, experience as a financial advisor, and a Masters in Business Administration has made Joyce an expert in money matters.

Understanding money didn’t always come easy to Joyce. As a daughter to immigrant parents, she painfully watched as her father exhausted himself working two jobs in order to provide for the family. She couldn’t understand why making money was so hard for him but easy for others? What had other people figured out that her father hadn’t? Here began her quest to solve the secret behind money.

Joyce Rojas is a Money Mindset Mentor & transformational speaker. Her impactful work focuses on helping people take control of their money lives, gain financial clarity, and create the mindset needed to succeed in life. Joyce has been featured in Thrive Global and has worked with companies like Citibank, SBDC, Polka Dot Powerhouse, Rutgers University, NYC Central Labor Council and various non-profits. If she’s not on stage or consulting, you’ll find her spending time with her son or escaping to a beach in a foreign country.

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