Making Mental Health a Priority

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope.” Today I am bringing you a new expert. With tools, tips, tactics, and strategies, this expert will help you navigate through this unique time.
Today’s interview is: “Making Mental Health a Priority,” featuring Claudia Fernandez-Niedzielski

Making Mental Health a Priority
Making Mental Health a Priority Claudia Fernandez

We cover:
* Giving Ourselves Permission to feel the mess
* Why we need to be flexible with ourselves
* The differences in how men & women process things
And much more!

About Claudia

From an early age, Claudia became obsessed with positive information because her father introduced her and her brothers to books. These books would inspire them to always strive to be the best they could be.
Claudia is a survivor. As an example she is a woman who has learned to make the best out of life in the face of many challenges.
She loves her parents, bothers, children, husband and extended family with all her heart. Because of that she continues to learn how to live a life full of passion and in full harmony with herself.
While currently on a quest to be the best version of herself, Claudia has a genuine impact on others. As an example, she mentors and leads them to live life to the fullest.

Claudia shares the tools she has utilized on her own personal search for meaning, self-discovery, understanding and compassion.
She is a Jack Canfield Success Principles® Certified Trainer and a Barret Value Center® Certified Practitioner and Consultant. She is an entrepreneur, an accomplished speaker and #1 international best selling author.

To learn more about Claudia Fernandez-Niedzielski, you can visit her website

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