Making the Small Differences

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Today’s conversation is: “Making the Small Differences,” featuring Erin Vanderkooy

Making the Small Differences
Making the Small Differences Erin Vanderkooy

We cover:
* The Amazon Fast
* Choosing Your Heart over Convenience
* Why you need to get excited about getting curious
And much more

About Erin Vanderkooy

Erin is a Certified Health Coach at Erin Vanderkooy Wellness, Herbalist, Entrepreneur, Heart-Centered People Connector, and Facilitator. She is the Founder of P.O.W.E.R. – Portland Oregon Women Entrepreneur Roundtable and Co-Founder of women’s grief retreats called Pause Breathe Restore. Her lifelong passion for food, integrative medicine and helping people has cultivated her entrepreneurial wellness spirit and avocation as a people connector tracing back to her ‘Dear Erin’ column in her school newspaper at the age of 8 to launching a successful recruitment business at the beginning of the 2008 recession in London, England.

Making the Small Differences

Erin’s life experience with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), debilitating panic attacks, autoimmune, candida, and navigating the grief after the sudden loss of her Mom led her to advocate for a new nutrition paradigm, an understanding of the grief process, and a coaching approach that is supportive yet direct and incredibly empowering through plants and natural remedies that make sustainable long term impact.

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