The Magic of Slowing Down

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Today’s conversation is: “The Magic of Slowing Down,” featuring Rebecca MacLean

The Magic of Slowing Down
The Magic of Slowing Down Rebecca MacLean

We cover:
* Reaching out without a smile
* What can be gained from less busy-ness
* Loving your younger self
And much more…

A native of Colorado, Rebecca is a life-long learner and jack of all trades: a Sign Language Interpreter, a Teacher, Landlord, mother to 3 adult children, and successful Inventor. Her greatest joy is watching people realize their own power.

Rebecca is a Master Facilitator and Trainer of Regenerating Images in Memory, a powerful Emotional Processing tool used by therapists, coaches and counselors around the world. The whole of Rebecca’s work is meeting people where they are, helping them to quickly and easily clear traumas, beliefs, or stories that are no longer serving them, and uncovering the truth of themselves. People are designed to be happy and heal; Rebecca helps them live that way.

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