Magic of Following Your Curiosity

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Today’s conversation is: “The Magic of Following Your Curiosity,” featuring Denise Csaky

Magic of Following Your Curiosity
Magic of Following Your Curiosity Denise Csaky

We cover
* Looking for parts of you you’ve never seen before
* The magic that happens when you allow your curiosity to lead you
* How to change the external with the internal
And much more

About Denise

Denise Csaky is a certified professional coach, business strategist, corporate dropout and former workaholic, who helps women create and execute their corporate exit strategy to finally do work they love.

Magic of Following Your Curiosity

Denise spent a good part of her life doing all the things she thought she “should” and made safe choices instead of following her heart. She settled into corporate America, then into owning and running a family spa business. And it nearly broke her.
After reaching extreme burnout, Denise left the business, sold her suburban house and moved across the country to San Diego, where she dove headfirst into personal development and into rediscovering what was REALLY important to her.

Once she found a way to reconnect to what brought her joy, and work through what held her back from living her purpose, Denise KNEW she had to help others do the same.

Today, she teaches women to make unapologetically authentic decisions and clear their mental blocks to create happy, fulfilling lives through her practice, The Firefly Moment.

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