Love the Work You Do

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Today’s conversation is: “Love the Work You Do,” featuring Melissa Wilson

Love the Work You Do
Love the Work You Do Melissa Wilson

We cover:
* What can happen when you follow your bliss
* How to get beyond where you dreamed
* The magic of dream sharing
And much more

About Melissa Wilson

In 2009, Melissa started Networlding Publishing for thought leaders who wanted to write books that make a difference in the world. She found that she could make the biggest difference by following her “Power-of-Ten” Networlding process, helping 15 to 20 authors a year successfully write, publish, and launch their books.
Melissa has taken her twenty years of experience in publishing to help more than 120 authors get their books written, published, and launched. Her clients have included people like the head of diversity for Hewitt, the president of Holland America Cruise Lines, the head of a division of Allstate, the head of HR for the NBA, a seven-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur, the head of Digital for Cisco, and thought leaders from many small and mid-sized companies around the world.

Love the Work You Do

Melissa’s greatest passion is helping new adults get better starts in their lives and careers. Here, she mentors up to ten college students yearly in the areas of book publishing and marketing.

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