Learning to Love Your Fear

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope.” Today I am bringing you a new expert with tools, tips, tactics, and strategies. This expert will help you navigate through this unique time, for example
Today’s conversation is: “Learning to Love Your Fear,” featuring Gina Mazzella Fresquez

Learning to Love Your Fear
Learning to Love Your Fear Gina Mazzella Fresquez

We cover:
* How to take your fear on a date
* Learning to love your fear like you would love a toddler
* The keys to building a loving relationship with your fear
And much more…

Watch Gina’s Interview at the Facebook link below


About Gina

Gina Fresquez, MS, motivational speaker, #1 international best selling author, and leadership coach is committed to supporting ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs to reduce stress, burnout and overwhelm while increasing clarity, momentum, and purpose.

After spending many years in corporate sales, business consulting, and technical services, Gina made her dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true. In 2012 she started her coaching and consulting company. Since then she has enjoyed supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs and individuals. Companies like Microsoft, Providence, and Land O’Lakes all utilize Gina’s services. Clients who work with Gina find they can overcome resistance and self-doubt and achieve success without sacrificing themselves, their health, or sanity in the process. Gina accomplishes this through speaking, workshops, private coaching, and retreats.

Gina lives in Seattle with her husband, 5 year old son, and Goldendoodle. Together they love traveling and exploring the outdoors, rain or shine.
Gina has also offered to give her Fear course to you for free for a week using the code: “Hope”

Stay connected with Gina:
Webiste: www.ginafresquez.com
Website: https://ginafresquezinternational.vipmembervault.com/
Facebook: Gina Fresquez
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ginamfresquez
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginamfresquez

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