An Extraordinary Act of Kindness Emerges from the Camp Fire

Paradise Is Devastated by the Camp Fire

As of the time of this writing a small Northern California town named Paradise has been completely devastated because of the “Camp Fire.” More than 70 people have lost their lives and 1000’s of structures, many of which are homes, have burned down.

Amidst the horror of the Camp Fire, there is a beautiful story that has emerged which is worth sharing. You can see the entire story on my Facebook page.

A Volley Ball Team’s Act of Kindness

The Paradise girls volley ball team had a scheduled championship game, but all their equipment and uniforms had been lost to the Camp Fire. The girls decided they still wanted to attend the game in Auburn, California.

When the girls from Paradise California arrived they discovered that the opposing Auburn team had made each of the girls uniforms in addition to purchasing them new shoes and pads!

Gift Cards & Clothes for the Paradise Volleyball Team

The story gets even better: after the game, the Auburn team made the Paradise team a meal, provided each girl with a $300 gift card, and gave each of the girls a large bag of supplies and clothing.

An act of kindness makes a difference in the Camp Fire
An act of kindness emerges from the Camp Fire

Finally, the Auburn team presented the Paradise team with the $16,000 they had raised for them. How amazing is this! You can read the full story on my Facebook page by clicking here.

Keep in mind that nearly the entire town of Paradise, California has been affected by the Camp Fire. In some cases entire neighborhoods have been wiped off the map. It must have been very meaningful for them to be the recipients of these kind gestures.

Ask yourself: “How can I be like the Auburn girls volleyball team today? What is an act of kindness I can do for another?”

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