Improve Your Covid Time Fitness

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope.” Today I am bringing you a new expert with tools, tips, tactics, and strategies. This expert will help you navigate through this unique time, for example.
Today’s conversation is: “Improve Your Covid Time Fitness,” featuring John Welborn

Improve Your Covid Time Fitness
Improve Your Covid Time Fitness John Welborn

We cover:
* The dangerous Chips Ahoy
* Golden Rules of Shopping for Your Health
* The #1 thing you should always buy (no it’s not toilet paper)
And much more

About John

John is currently one of the most successful transformation coaches in the U.S. & has helped clients lose a collective total of over 8,000lbs. With a master’s in nutrition & strength & conditioning, John has the ability to coach you on a whole other level than what you can typically get in the fitness space. John prides himself on getting every single person he works with in the best shape possible, in the shortest time frame possible using his own proven and effective methods.

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