Grief is Not a Life Sentence

Grief is one of the most life altering emotions. Grief is also one of the most common motions felt after a loss.

Ever since I was a little kid all I have ever wanted to do is help people. One area of focus has been helping people dealing with grief and healing from loss.
To be perfectly honest: I’ve been staring at this screen typing and deleting my words for the last 15 minutes, trying to articulate what I want to say.
How does one put into words something like this? It’s been a goal/dream of mine to give a TED talk for over five years. It’s been a passion of mine to help people heal from loss for more than 10.
It is my greatest wish that this talk can become a North Star to guide people out of the darkness of loss and lead them on a path of healing.
My goal is to get this message in front of one million people and I need your help. If the message resonates with you, please share it as well as comment/like it on Youtube.
I’ll be hanging out on the Youtube page frequently to answer any questions and comments you have.
Here it is…

Be sure to share 🙂

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