Giving God Space to Heal

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Today’s conversation is: “Giving God Space to Heal,” featuring Donna Hall Hunter

Giving God Space to Heal
Giving God Space to Heal Donna Hunter

We cover:
* What happens when you repair your heart
* How helping others is very healing for yourself
* When giving leads to getting more
And much more

About Dr. Donna Hall Hunter

Dr. Donna Hall Hunter is an inspirational keynote speaker, best-selling author and counselor. She believes that dreams, both large and small, do not have expiration dates, even in the face of a harsh reality, like her daughter Allie’s diagnosis of Autism. The emotional devastation and disappointment became the catalyst for the Repairers Coaching Program which helps folks mend the breach of brokenness. Donna co-authored “Women Who Rise” a #1 Amazon International Best Seller, in which she shares the journey to hope, restoration and repair of broken dreams. #MyHopesAreUp

Giving God Space to Heal

With over twenty years of awarded leadership as high school principal, counselor and administrator, Donna is a well-respected expert in public education. Dr. Hunter’s mission is to educate, enlighten and empower individuals with knowledge that transforms thinking and leads to actionable steps toward positive change.
Dr. Donna is an intuitive Coach for personal and professional growth; a knowledgeable Consultant in education and leadership; and an inspirational Champion for equity, access and inclusion for individual with disabilities. Donna Marie is the founder of Allie’s Allys, a nonprofit serving families in under served communities affect by Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. #UntoTheLeastOfThese

Helping kids

As an advocate for children with special needs, Dr. Donna co-produced and stared in the award-winning Short Film: “Colored My Mind: Diagnosis” with friends: Tisha Campbell-Martin, LaDonna Hughley, Tammy McCrary and Shannon Nash. The film has aired on CentricTV, PBS, CNN’s Raising America, with screening at Viacom, Delta Airlines and Wells Fargo Bank diversity training. CMM speaks to the disparity in timely and accurate diagnosis of African American and Latino children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, particularly Autism.

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