Finding Opportunity in a Crisis

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Today’s conversation is: “Finding Opportunity in a Crisis,” featuring Iris Polit

Finding Opportunity in a Crisis
Finding Opportunity in a Crisis – Iris Polit

We cover:
* The happen to you vs happen for you mindset
* The antidote to a sense of hopelessness
* How hope & optimism can help you make more $$$$
And much more

About Iris Polit

Iris Polit is a marketer, writer, speaker, and the founder of Your Success Ace. As a career and personal branding strategist, she is obsessed with brain hacking to enable human flourishing and believes that our work life plays a big role in our sense of fulfillment. Her mission is to help professionals and entrepreneurs get unstuck, take ownership of their success, and live to their fullest potential. Iris leverages her training as an applied positive psychology practitioner, as well as two decades of experience in non-profit and corporate (mostly in Tech) environments, to help her clients thrive through career transitions. Iris is a co-author of the best-selling books, Mastering the Art of Success and How to Be Crazy Amazing During Difficult Times and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

Finding Opportunity in a Crisis

She regularly speaks about personal branding, thriving through career transitions and brain hacking (most recently at VMworld, Ellevate events and Tech Village podcast). Embracing her multi-passionate nature, she is also a co-producer of the 3-time Telly and 4-time Emmy Award-winning documentary, A New Leash on Life: The K9s For Warriors Story, as well as Dreamer, a documentary exploring the journey of several influential entrepreneurs. Additionally, she recently joined a diverse and inclusive collective of female entrepreneurs and practitioners to launch The Reboot, a virtual resource hub dedicated to educating and inspiring professional women who are looking to create transformation in their lives.

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