Finding Home Within

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Today’s conversation is: “Finding Home Within ,” featuring Tiffany Cardenas

Finding Home Within

Finding Home Within

We Cover:
* Making the shift from self loathing to self love
* Who you truly are
* The power of leaning into it
And much more

About Tiffany

Tiffany is a mindset and movement coach. She helps women who have experienced a loss of identity following a life transition. Through meditation, movement, and mindset, she guides them toward self love and self worth. She helps them find home within by uncovering subconscious programming, reframing, and empowering.

Finding Home Within

Tiffany began her career in Information Technology, working for Fortune 500 companies. In 2011, she became a stay-at-home mom. She dedicated herself to raising her children, but found herself feeling lost, not sure who she was anymore. Tiffany had lost her identity.
When she restarted her yoga practice after a brief hiatus, she noticed that she was becoming a more patient mom. She knew there was something special there, and felt the call to train as a yoga teacher. Tiffany built a thriving business teaching private and corporate yoga and fitness, and found home within herself in the process. She was inspired to help other women experience the same transformation, and that is how Finding Home Within was born!

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