How to Create Meaningful Social Media Content

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope.” Today I am bringing you a new expert with tools, tips, tactics, and strategies. This expert will help you navigate through this unique time, for example
Today’s interview is: “How to Create Meaningful Social Media Content,” featuring Emily Solomon

How to Create Meaningful Social Media Content
How to Create Meaningful Social Media Content Emily Solomon

We cover:
* The Way You Absolutely Need to be Thinking About Content When You Create It.
* The 3 Free Tools You Need to Be Using to Create Meaningful Social Media Content for Your Business
* What Types of Posts Are Working the Best Right Now
And Much More

About Emily

Emily is an entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of The Food Marketer, a boutique marketing agency that helps food, beverage, and hospitality industries craft their unique narrative. While she’s currently living in Los Angeles with her fiancé, she describes herself as a bi-coastal individual having grown up in Boston and Santa Barbara. She has the work ethic of an East Coaster with the laidback demeanor of a California girl. Working in the restaurant industry, it’s no coincidence that she’s a foodie. Anyone that knows her well will tell you she’ll die for a lobster roll any day.

She has worked with many different business types from small to medium-sized businesses to global brands helping them to grow their companies through strategic planning, social media marketing, public relations, and visual media development. Her desire to lead with a service-first mindset seeps into the work she does every day and is a vital component to building engaging social media content today.

Helping Clients During COVID-19

Assisting her clients to stay active and personal on social media during the changing crisis of COVID-19 has been a privilege. As people continue to get their news, while staying connected to the companies that matter most to them, Emily sees the current crisis as a time for businesses to step up their social media game and nurture their online communities by meeting people where they are at. She is thrilled for the opportunity to share her insights and favorite social media tools with you.

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