How to Be Crazy Amazing

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Today’s conversation is: “How to Be Crazy Amazing,” featuring Ann Marie Esparza-Smith

How to Be Crazy Amazing
How to Be Crazy Amazing Ann Marie Smith

We cover:
* Why your dreams need to scare you
* Creating Crazy Amazing
* The big problem with settling for “whatever”
And much more…

About Ann Marie

Passionate about creating a life of her dreams Ann Marie Smith has spent years researching the blueprints of success. She knew there was more to life than just existing. Ann Marie believed that with the right tools she could learn to intentionally create a life that would matter and make a difference in the world. She knew that with an abundance of financial resources, she could serve the needs of others as well as her own.

Ann Marie is is the crazy amazing CEO of several companies with over 600 employees. After spending over two decades working as a teacher and administrator, developing educational programs for her community, she learned what truly drives people and how to bring out the best in her teams. She has mastered how to connect with people in a way that brings out the best in them. Ann Marie teaches them how to become servant leaders that bring out the best in their teams.

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