Connecting Through Grief

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Today’s conversation is: “Connecting Through Grief,” featuring Melissa Lyons

Connecting Through Grief
Connecting Through Grief Melissa Lyons

We cover:
* Why you need to stop trying & focus on just being
* The challenge with trying to fool energy
* The danger of living on default
And much more

About Melissa Lyons

International best-selling author, inspired thought leader and life coach, Melissa Lyons has a unique way of helping people discover hope, passion, and purpose, regardless of their current situation.
Raw and relatable, Melissa uses her own vulnerability, heartbreaking experiences and humility, to reach and connect with people of all ages in deep and meaningful ways. Her personal journey, which includes decades of entrepreneurial and corporate business experience, inspired her to ask important questions about her own life purpose and fueled her search for more meaning and fulfillment.

Connecting Through Grief

Melissa’s proprietary Simple, Subtle Shifts™ system along with her heartwarming and profound books have helped thousands embrace fresh perspectives during times of personal struggle and overwhelming grief or loss.BooksI Will Always Love You, A Journey From Grief and Loss to Hope and LoveI Will Always Love You Journal, A Journey From Grief and Loss to Hope and Love (Canada Only)Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet

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