Building Meaningful Relationships

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Today’s conversation is: “Building Meaningful Relationships,” featuring Barbie Moreno

Building Meaningful Relationships
Building Meaningful Relationships Barbie Mareno

We cover:
* The power of laughter
* Building relationships with the gatekeeper
* When it comes to sales, everyone is a person
And much more

About Barbie Moreno

Real Estate entrepreneur since her early 20s, Barbie Moreno ranked in the top 1% of all producers for one of the world’s largest banks. Out of the award winners, she was one of the few females to repeatedly achieve this elite status. She credits her achievements to her ability to build long lasting relationships. Her 3R’s approach to customer relationships results in raving reviews, repeat sales, and regular referrals.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Barbie thrives on helping others succeed and create connected and continued collaborations for personal and professional success.

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