Benefit of Resetting Your Expectations

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Today’s conversation is: “The Big Benefit of Resetting Your Expectations,” featuring JoAnna Dorman Blackstock

Benefit of Resetting Your Expectations
Benefit of Resetting Your Expectations JoAnna Blackstock

We cover
* How to shift from funk to fun
* What you can do to keep fear from interrupting your success
* Creating your new normal
And much more

About JoAnna

JoAnna Blackstock Real Estate Guru, International speaker/trainer/coach, Adventurer, Mom and Philanthropist. JoAnna Blackstock helps high performing professionals to avoid burnout by reigniting their passions and teaching them how to develop balance and elevate results in their personal and professional lives.

High performers all face challenges in creating their ideal personal and professional lifestyles. JoAnna creates an engaging experience that will guide you through creating the best strategies for business and empower you and your team with tools and techniques to bounce back from adversity and find greater success and balance.

Benefit of Resetting Your Expectations

In these challenging times it’s important to understand our natural character & strengths to create positive flow in our lives. JoAnna offers coaching around the VIA Institute character model to enhance performance. She is also a certified Jack Canfield and a student of Applied Positive Psychology.

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