Becoming The Best Dad

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Today’s conversation is: “Becoming The Best Dad,’ featuring Chris Hanlon

Becoming The Best Dad
Becoming The Best Dad Christopher Hanlon

We cover:
* The Power We ALL Have to Change
* Learning How to Ask for Help
* Embracing The Choice You Have
And much more

About Christopher Hanlon

Christopher Hanlon is a passionate husband, father and the co founder of “A Dad’s Presence”, an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering men on the journey of fatherhood. While on his own journey to becoming a dad, Christopher was in awe of the amount of support and education for new mothers but recognized a big gap when it came to support communities, education and real life tool’s for new fathers. Chris created “A Dad’s Presence” and the “Essential Wisdom for Dads” Course.

Becoming The Best Dad

Christopher and his co-founder, Jason Meyer, have been inspired to educate men across the globe as to the critical role a present, loving father has on their children’s lives. Their courses explore a range of topics including a dad’s influence on epigenetics, the first 7 years of childhood development, how belief’s are formed and ways to create balance and harmony within the family unit. Whether you are a first time dad or a father of 3 our golf is to help you uncover your DAD SUPERPOWER!

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