Your Body Knows What it Needs

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Today’s conversation is: “Your Body Knows What it Needs,” featuring Donna Nudel Brown

Donna Brown
Your Body Knows What it Needs – Donna Brown

We Cover:
* How to raise your vibration
* The super amazing gratitude practice
* What to do to stay centered during challenging times
And much more

About Donna

After feeling unsure of her purpose for many years other than being a mom, she has finally found her mission and her passion — to support other women in living a life of joy. Donna incorporates all her Lightworker gifts as a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Coach, Author, Trainer, Speaker, and your personal Cheerleader.

Your Body Knows What it Needs

She guides her clients step-by-step in uncovering their true passions and desires including sharing techniques to confidently make decisions in all areas of your life. These techniques rely on energetic responses whether using a tool such as a pendulum or simply your body’s response through muscle testing. Energetically our bodies know what we need before we know intellectually.

Protecting yourself energetically is crucial and she provides practical tools and techniques and offers solutions to raise your vibration and clear yourself of negative energy that does not serve you. She is passionate about crystals and as an Energy Intuitive selects the exact right crystals that are meant for her clients to best support them.

Guiding her clients

She is grateful for her ability to guide clients through her Chakra Balancing and Reiki sessions, since energetically being in alignment is crucial and can easily be accessed from a distance.

Donna became a #1 best selling author for the 2nd time recently with the release of the collaborative book “Women Who Rise”. The first collaborative book, “Women Who Ignite” was published in 2016.Donna’s three-part video series is a great way to learn many of these techniques she shares: Balancing session:…/virtual-crystal…Donna is here to support you! One of her core values is providing a sense of belonging and she wants you to feel that you belong and are welcome in her community, she is always available to connect.

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