You Must Secure Your Oxygen Mask First

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Today’s blog is Vlog and it is on an extremely important topic, Self Care.

Every day I work with amazingly generous and kind-hearted people. One of the biggest challenges these folks face is taking a step away from serving others to focus on serving and taking care of themselves.

We all only have so much to give and if we are not giving enough to ourselves, we will limit what we can do for others.

The pre-flight safety announcement on airplanes says it perfectly: “Please secure your oxygen mask first before assisting others.”

How helpful can you be without your own oxygen? Vs. Taking that extra second to secure your mask first so you have an ongoing supply of oxygen to help you assist others.

I hope you find value in today’s video.

The Importance of Self Care

Be sure to share in the comments what some of your best self care practices are.

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