When Will You Stop Lying to Yourself?

I think we can unanimously agree:
If you ask anyone what their most important qualities in a relationship are, honesty is inevitably at the top of that list.
Would you agree?
My curiosity is this:
Why is it that we can ask for and expect honesty from another, but in the most important relationship, the relationship with self, people often tell a lie to justify things remaining as they are.
The same person who wants honesty from their partner will lie to themselves, to others, to justify, rationalize, explain why they are unhappy, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, etc…
Some people can cook up real doozies, can’t they?
Here’s a “hypothetical” example (because none of us know anyone or are that someone who would do this, right?)
It’s not my fault I’m miserable at my job, my boss makes me feel that way!
(Sound familiar?)
Really?? Your boss actually forces you to be miserable? Or being miserable was in the job description when you signed the contract.
You are not miserable because of your boss or your job. You are miserable because of the decision you have made about how you view your boss/job and how you are going to feel about how you view your boss/job.
This lie will continue to be perpetuated for as long as the person needs an alibi to help them justify their failure to do something about the situation they are in.
Your life is your life. If You do not like something about it or want something more than you need to cowboy the F**k up, take action, and start doing something about it.
Big Hint… Lying to yourself is not going to get you what you want.
There are two main things lying to yourself will get you:
1 – it will get you more of what you have already gotten and more of what you do not want.
2 – it will give you a high horse to stand on when someone who you are in a relationship with (romantic/friendship/family etc…) isn’t 100% honest with you. From this horse, you can exert moral righteousness over the poor unsuspecting human when they make a flub.
How can you expect honesty from others if you are unwilling to give it to yourself?
Hold yourself to the same standard, or higher, that you expect from everyone else, and you will be on your way to extraordinary.
Carpe Diem,


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