Turning Possibilities into Probabilities

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope” where we have heart centered conversations with heart centered people.
Today’s conversation is: “Turning Possibilities into Probabilities,” featuring Trez Ibrahim

Trez Ibrahim
Turning Possibilities into Probabilities – Trez Ibrahim

We cover
* The question you need to be asking yourself every day
* Why adversity doesn’t discriminate
* Thriving in your new normal
And much more

About Trez

Trez Ibrahim is a Business & Executive Coach, Transformational Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Trainer and Author. She has worked with thousands of clients, dedicating over 30 years to empowering men and women to Live a Life by Design.

Turning Possibilities into Probabilities

Whether your desire is to create more money, time, freedom, a fulfilling career, better relationships, health, a lifestyle you love, or all of the above, she can show you a simple, proven system of unlocking the power within you to create anything you desire. Trez has put together the most cutting-edge program for breakthrough results you simply cannot find elsewhere.

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Website: www.LifeMasterySolution.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrezIbrahim1/
Manifestation Journal: https://4vr5vk8x.pages.infusionsoft.net

You can listen to the conversation with Trez here:https://podcasts.apple.com/…/77-turning…/id1510146999…

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