Three Keys to Reigniting the Magic in Your Relationship


When they are going well they are an unending source of love, joy, and happiness.

When they are not going quite so well, boy can they be places of pain can’t they?

Relationships are some of our greatest treasures, but, if we are not careful, they can quickly evolve to be the garbage dumps we take our problems, our struggles, and our fears too.

This is of itself is not the problem, the problem is that we begin to associate the relationship to the same degree that we associate the dump – it’s there for us to use when we need too, but it’s not a place that we necessarily want to hang out.

I’ve asked every single person I’ve coached in the area of relationship, “Why did you get into the relationship in the first place?” The answers are nearly always the same/similar:

“I felt so connected to him.” “She just got me.” “It used to be so magical.” “I loved how loved I felt.”

Nowhere in their reasons has there ever been a statement akin to: “I got into the relationship so I had a place to dump my emotional trash.”

The point is, is that when the relationship first began there was magic. The magic never runs out (although it might seem that way), what changes are the behavior of the two magic makers in the relationship.

If you are in a space where your relationship could use some magic pixie dust to reignite the spark that once fueled the two of you, then the below training is for you. I am giving you 3 Keys to Reignite the Magic in Your Relationship.

You can fast forward to the 7:12 mark as that is where the actual training begins

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