The Story of Average

I wrote a story to share with you!

My hope is the story #Inspires You to live the life You were born to.

Once upon a time in the village called Ordinary, inside of a normal house, there lived a boy named Average.

He was called Average because on the outside he seemed the same as most of the other boys. Average hair, average eyes, average height, etc…

Like the other boys in the village he enjoyed playing games and eating dessert before the rest of his lunch.

It was expected that the children of Ordinary would go to school until they were 18, learning all the important skills like math, writing, history, and reading. Once they completed school, the expectation was that the children would then get a job that followed in their parents footsteps.

They would save so one day they could buy a normal home and start a family of their own.

“This is how it has always been and this is how it always will be,” the children were told.

While Average may have appeared to be average on the outside, he was anything but average on the inside.

For as long as he could remember, Average had felt something extraordinary inside of him.

He loved his friends, he loved his family, he loved living in Ordinary, but he didn’t feel at home there. He believed there was something else out there for him, he just didn’t know what it was or how to get it.

One day as Average was walking home from school he ran into an elderly woman along the side of the road.

The woman’s hair was full, with streaks of white and silver. Her skin was tan, and her eyes sparkled – full of life. Lines formed near the corners of her mouth, a sign of a lifetime spent smiling.
While she appeared old, at least 80 by Average’s best guess, the woman had a youthful essence about her and warmth radiated from her soul.

“Excuse me Young Man.” “Can you point me in the direction of the library?”

“The Library?” Average asked?

“Yes, the Library.” The Woman replied.

“I passed through this town years ago, borrowed a book, and forgot to return it,” said The Woman laughing.

“You have been here before?” Average asked. “You have been to Ordinary?”

“Yes of course I have.” “I have been Everywhere.”

“You have been to EVERYWHERE!!!???” Average exclaimed
The Woman tilted her head back as she looked up to the sun and laughed, “Well of course I have Young Man! Haven’t You?”
Average sheepishly dropped his head, shuffled his feet and muttered, “No…”

“And Why Not?” The Woman questioned.

“Here in Ordinary,” Average began “we are not encouraged to go to Everywhere.”

“Young Man – oh deary me I have forgotten my manners, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hope.”

“Hi Hope, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Average.”

“Average I once was very much like you. I grew up in a small village not that far from here.”


“Yes Really,” Hope replied. “In my village we were always told things had to be a certain way. No matter how many times I was told how I had to be, something never felt quite right to me – I always felt like I was meant for something more, something special. Do you know what I mean?”

“YES!” Average responded, barely able to contain his excitement.

“One day I came across a man who was heading to the library to return this book.” Hope explained, calling attention to her hand.
“Instead of returning it he gave it to me saying he felt I needed it more than the library. He just made me promise to return it one day when I was done.”

Average’s eyes would not leave the book. He could tell it was well worn. The cover was barely attached, and pages were visibly watermarked from years of usage.

“What is the book about?” Average asked.

“This book is about Everywhere and Everything. It is a book about possibility and what can exist when someone steps away from the ordinary. This book is about hero’s, hope, and extraordinary potential.”

“You see,” Hope continued, “I learned a few things from reading this book: I learned that life does not have to stop and start at Ordinary. I learned that who we are on the outside is nothing compared to who we are on the inside. I learned that that specialness I felt and you feel; it is a gift born into all of us. I learned that the only thing standing between me and Everywhere was me. If I wanted to explore the world and do great things then I could. If I wanted to remain where I was, then I could do that as well.”

“Woooow.” Was all Average could muster.

“I came here to honor my word and return this book to the library,” Hope said. “But something tells me I am meant to give it to you.”

As Hope passed the book to Average’s hands he could feel an energy radiating off of it. He looked down at the book, closed his eyes, and pulled it close to his heart – allowing the warmth flowing from it to fill him.

Average smiled, he could feel his Specialness, the specialness that was his gift since birth, beckoning to him, calling him,
begging him to begin his journey. Average knew that once he opened the book his life would never be the same again.

Average opened his eyes to thank Hope, but to his amazement she was gone.

Average looked all around, but could not find a trace of her.

A warm breeze passed through Average’s hair and he felt a familiar presence.

He smiled, he opened the book, and he began his journey out of Ordinary and into Extraordinary.

Carpe Diem,


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  1. Jesse

    Words cannot explain how reading your work has resonated with me! Almost as if some of what you said I’ve already passed on to another😊 it has given me a strange all over feeling as though I have passed on a valuable bit of knowledge. Having said this though, I am not to take chances I will pass this forward and leave a copy of this in this persons mail with a huge Hope that the young man may receive this very valuable Story you have penned and impress the words upon his heart and Lead an extraordinary life.

    You are Awesome Jesse!💕
    I have been following you since your Beautiful friend Paul left this realm for the next and I can very much see why you both connected..
    May every dream be yours
    Jodie ☀️

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