Sun, Mon, and Tuesday… Day’s 30, 31, and 32

I Did IT!!  I made it through the first month and, more importantly, I did/saw/experienced/tried 82 things that I had never done/seen/experienced/tried before. WOW!!!  Not only that I have made 100’s of new friends from all around the world and strengthened the bonds with many of my already close friends.

So, have you ever wondered what can be done in a month: hikes, museums, new food, celebrations, site seeing, meeting new people, laughs, giggles, tears, there is a gambit of human experience out there just waiting for all of us.

I spent $254.56 (excluding costs of leather jacket which I will discuss below) on 81 experiences that averages out to $3.14 per experience.  If you look over the list, the majority of that money is spent on food and two alcohol related costs.  Why I am telling you all of this??  Because, if you really want to change things up in your life, if you really want to get out and try new things, it is NOT going to cost you a fortune.  For as little as $3.14, the cost of some gallons of milk, you can change the ebbs and flows of your every day life.

I reviewed all the pictures I took before writing this post, and I have to tell you, I could not stop smiling.  I really am in shock that I did all of that in just one month!!  Which leads me to the leather jacket.

If you have reviewed any of the list, or any of what has been accomplished you will notice that there are very few material things on there.  I want the list to be about experience, not the acquisition of “things.”  Having said that, there is a time and a place for “things” in everyone’s life.

As a practice I save $10 a week and set it aside in a “reward” account.  This account is basically for me to use when I really want to treat myself, when I want to celebrate something.  Celebration is such an important practice.  So often we achieve great things and never stop to bask in the moment; instead we quickly shuffle on to the next letting the moment fade to a distant memory.  I used to be guilty of this and it is something I am continually working on improving.

I have always wanted a leather jacket.  Ever since I was a little kid, I do not know why, there is just something really “cool” in their appearance.  As an adult, when I go out I always see people wearing them and admire how cool they look.  I promised myself I would get myself one, one day as a present, but only when I deserved it.

You see for me deserving means two things: one I have to have saved enough money to be able to afford it (hence setting aside money in the reward account), and two I have to have achieved something really significant that was cause for me to celebrate.  And when I look back over the last month, I feel like it is worth celebrating.  I did a lot of amazing things, met a lot of amazing people, and created some amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories, made comments, followed me on here, on Facebook, on Twitter, your on going support, words of encouragement, and sharing of your personal journey’s mean more to me than I can ever describe in words.  I begin February excited to tackle what lies ahead on the next chapter of the 1000 Challenge.

Enjoy the pics,

Carpe Diem,




3 Replies to “Sun, Mon, and Tuesday… Day’s 30, 31, and 32”

  1. so, first of all, nice jacket! :))

    Jesse, Last month was a great experience not only for You, but for me, too.. Thanks for everything You shared with us.

    Your blogs-they give me a great life lessons.
    "1 Year 1000 Things Challenge" – is a really good idea that I will support always! Now, I am trying to make every day different, happy, funny :))) to do things that I have never did before.
    Thank you for this!

    I saw many interesting places on Your photos. the places about I heard but never saw so closely. then I started review my photos that I took in different beautiful places in my country, and as You posted some days ago, it is a great idea to be a tourist of my own country and I will continue to take photos and will share them with my friends.
    Thank you for this!

    another important experience for me is- all this helps me improve my English, .. this is very important for me, because I live in non English-speaking country . last month I have learned new words in English!! that is really cool! :))
    Thank you for this!

    ….. many things changed during this month, after I first time visited Your page "1 Year 1000 Things Challenge" on FB. .. and I am happy for that! I am happy to have a friend from SB, USA, I am happy to have a friend who helped me to understand so many things during a month…

    Thank You, Jesse!!

    CARPE DIEM!! :))

  2. Can't wait to see what is in store for you next! Keep strong, stay focused. Keep teaching us great lessons. And never give up on your dreams, they are inspiring a lot of people to do great things. And that in itself is an awesome experience in life. I know at the end of this you will be happy with all the lives you have changed. What your doing is really making this world a better place. Even if its a little thing at a time!
    God Bless <>< and thank you for everything.

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