No Shame in Screwing Up

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope” where we have heart centered conversations with heart centered people.
Today’s conversation is: “No Shame in Screwing Up,” featuring Sarah Seidelmann

No Shame in Screwing Up Sarah Seidlemen

We cover
* Finding out your published book has a BIG error
* The cost of being scared to F**K up
* The gifts that imperfection brings
And much more

About Sarah Bamford Seidelmann M.D.

Sarah was a fourth- generation physician living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle until a walrus entered her life and changed everything. She is a practicing Shamanic Mentor and Woman of Medicine and leads transformational travel retreats around the world. She’s also the author of several popular books.

Sarah resides in northern Minnesota, near Lake Superior with her family and two dogs

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