Selling With Kindness

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Today’s conversation is: “Selling With Kindness,” featuring Dr. Cindy

Selling With Kindness
Selling With Kindness Cindy McGovern

We cover:
* The ripple effect of kindness
* How to avoid the ick factor when selling
* Making people feel safe to work with you
And much more

About Dr. Cindy McGovern

Known far and wide as “Dr. Cindy,” the First Lady of Sales, Dr. Cindy McGovern is an expert in the areas of sales, interpersonal communication, leadership, and management. She has earned her reputation by helping literally hundreds of companies to grow their business.
She is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller, Every Job is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work. As a popular and inspiring speaker, Dr. Cindy has presented at national and international conferences on a wide variety of sales, leadership and motivational topics.

Selling With Kindness

As the CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, she has coached and guided companies and individuals to achieve professional success and sustainable revenue growth.
With a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Communication, she can quickly figure out what an organization or individual needs to be more successful, and her current knowledge of many industries keeps her abreast of best practices and the quickest route to success and growth.
Many true stories from her professional and personal lives serve as instructive examples of the principles and techniques she discusses throughout her book. Dr. Cindy’s highly successful career has created a strong foundation from which she now shares the fundamental elements of the art of selling.

Every Job is a Sales Job

Dr. Cindy knows that the key to real and lasting change is changing behavior to create great habits. It is all about sustainable sales activities and results. For those who are ready to do the work, she is ready to create the path. As she puts it: “Grow Big or Go Home!”

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