Redefining Masculinity

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Today’s conversation: “Redefining Masculinity to Build Better Fathers,” featuring Gary Rogers

Redefining Masculinity
Redefining Masculinity Gary Rogers

We cover
:* The 1924 Parallel
* Finding good in bad times
* Why no one is disqualified from their purpose
And much more

About Gary

Gary Rogers was born and grew to adulthood in small town on the Texas Gulf Coast . He was blessed to be raised by an extraordinary Father and loving Mother – and he thought it was all so normal. However, he would eventually learn that far too many were deprived of the childhood they deserve. As a young man he left College and went to live in the inner city of Brooklyn NY. There he came face to face with the ravages of poverty and the crime, drugs, and violence that poverty begets. He observed the damage that ensues when children are deprived of the love and protection of a father.

The next chapter – redefining masculinity

After 45 years of marriage and the raising of 3 amazing children, he would become convinced that he had the responsibility to share what he had been given with those who were denied a healthy relationship with a father. It is that thought that was the genesis of his writing and speaking career. In his writings, he seeks to share his rich life experiences for the benefit of everyone. The blessing of family, the experiences of life, and the hard times he has walked through have all blended to forge a perspective which he shares with his readers.

His is a perspective that views the difficult seasons of life as positive, transformative events. He has a passion to inspire authenticity in men, equip women and men with workable life skills, and enable a healthy culture of fatherhood. He is inspired to empower modern men to become respected, valued, and authentically masculine and to demonstrate how society will benefit when they do.

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