Noticing the Shine in People

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Today’s conversation is: “Noticing the Shine in People,” featuring Jen Vanella

Noticing the Shine in People
Noticing the Shine in People Jennifer Vanella

We cover:
* Why you don’t have to be rich to make a difference
* How to see the rainbows in people
* What if kindergarteners were in charge of the world
And much more

About Jen Vanella

Jen Vanella is a Vocal Coach, Vocalist, and Philanthropist, who specializes in Classical, Broadway, Auditions, Pop, Piano, Vocal Pedagogy, and Specialized Voice Lessons.
Her certifications Include: a AD MM Of Opera and Jazz Performance from Duquesne University, Undergraduate in MDS BAA from West Virginia University, Certificates in Alexander Technique, A certificate in Vocal Ped from NYU, Affiliated with NATS, American Women’s Business Bureau, and the MTNA.
She has finalized and competed in numerous National vocal competitions and has sung all over the World. Some of her recent Magazine features include Modern Singer Magazine, Pop Dust, Sexi Soprano, and has written numerous Teaching Articles for various online teaching and advocacy websites.

Noticing the Shine in People

Jen is a Professional Voice Coach who believes everyone deserves a chance to find and free their Voice. Some of her recent projects in Pittsburgh PA include: Call backs for Americans Got Talent, American Idol, Audition Prep for the Voice, and International Online Master Classes with “ Follow the Mentor UK.
This Season she aspires to offer various performance and Educational experiences to the local Artists and Emerging Educators in Pittsburgh PA expanding the educational forum and offer new and exciting opportunities for local Musicians for many years to come.

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