Manifest That Miracle

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Today’s conversation is: “Manifest That Miracle,” featuring Lana Shlafer

Manifest That Miracle
Manifest That Miracle Lana Shlafer

We cover:
* Learning to Want What You Already Have
* How to Look (and Find) The Win Win Win
* The Super Important Question You Need to Be Asking Yourself
And much more

About Lana Shlafer

Lana Shlafer is a mindset coach, law of attraction expert and author of the best-selling book Manifest That Miracle: Learn Why You Don’t Have What You Want and How to Get It.
Over the past decade she has empowered thousands to manifest what seems out of reach, including buying their dream home, healing from a chronic illness and meeting their ideal partner.

Manifest That Miracle

More than 20,000 people have participated in her Manifesting Challenges. Lana’s energetic personality and no holds barred coaching has been featured in popular media, such as Forbes, TVOne and NPR.
Lana studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She lives in Puerto Rico with her husband and three kids and is working on her second book.

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