The Happiness Recipe

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Today’s conversation is: “The Happiness Recipe,” featuring Rebecca Morrison

The Happiness Recipe
The Happiness Recipe – Rebecca Morrison

We cover:
* The 3 gaps that get in the way of happiness
* How to shift out of the “I’ll be happy when” mindset
* The value in engaging with the hard parts of life
And much more

About Rebecca Morrison

I am a mother, wife and business process literate, UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach and consultant but, more importantly, I am ready to be your success partner.
People and processes are at the heart of the work I have done for the past 20+ years. Whether working in a corporation, large law firm or entrepreneurial environment, I have seen the value of meeting people where they are, of frankly and honestly assessing process and of making smart changes openly and deliberately.
I excel at helping people with a lot going on to cut through the ephemera and to get to the core of the matter. My ability to connect disparate dots to provide meaning and insight makes me uniquely able to help my clients get to what is important so they can live happier and easier lives.

The Happiness Recipe

I am a graduate of Wellesley College and Georgetown University Law Center and a member of the Maryland and DC Bars.
I have worked both as a litigator and administrator in large law firms. I have managed hundreds of people in complex, high-stakes and high-stress environments and have seen first hand the impact of having the right people, in the right process at the right time. More recently, I was the Chief Operating Office of an entrepreneurial investment firm. Because I have experience in both large and small organizations, I have a unique perspective on how smaller organizations can grown more efficiently and professionally.
Now, I have taken my experience and passion for enabling success and I work with people like you – individuals and companies looking to the future. I’d love to talk about what we can achieve together
I am also life-long learner and am currently working towards my LLM in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.
When I’m not working with people, you can find me most often in a basketball gym cheering from the stands or curled up with a book.

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