Hands to Guide You

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Today’s conversation is: “Hands to Guide You,” featuring Dr. Larry Ford Hands To Guide You

Hands to Guide You
Hands to Guide You – Dr. Larry Ford

We cover:
* The question you can ask yourself that can change everything
* Why self care is so important right now
* Addressing increasing rates of depression, anxiety, & suicidal thoughts And much more

About Dr. Larry Ford

Dr. Larry Ford, DBH, LBHP, BC | Founder & CEO of Hands to Guide You
Established in November 2011 Hands TO Guide is an integrated, behavioral healthcare practice located in Oklahoma City, OK. Led by Dr. Larry Ford, Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) and Licensed Behavioral Health Professional (LBHP) whose mission and focus is to improve the way the world experiences healthcare is passionate about helping patients realize their full potential by successfully treating and resolving behavioral health deficiencies.

Hands to Guide You

Dr. Ford treats patients from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life including boys and girls as young as 4 or 5 to seniors. The Ford Philosophy is Whole Person Care Begins with Mental Health. Without mental health, there is no health.”
Philosophy + Passion Research has shown that the mind and body are connected. When a person feels sad and blue, it can impact their energy level, motivation to participate in treatment, and negatively impact outcomes, such as improving independent functioning. To achieve desired outcomes, it is essential to support the patient’s emotional health as well as their physical health. Dr. Ford is devoted to his patients and committed to delivering integrated care.

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