Where to Focus Your Energy While Sheltering In Place

Welcome to “A Handful of Hope.” Today I am bringing you a new expert with tools, tips, tactics, and strategies. This expert will help you navigate through this unique time, for example.
Today’s interview is: “Where to Focus Your Energy While Sheltering in Place,” featuring Brock Dumont

Where to Focus Your Energy While Sheltering in Place
Where to Focus Your Energy While Sheltering in Place Brock Dumont

We cover:
* Past, Present, Future & where our energy is distributed
* Ways we can be mindful of how we are gathering our energy
* The relationship with energy & stress that you need to change
And Much more…

About Brock

Brock has been guiding people to experience greater abundance in their lives and deeper meaning in their businesses for over 30 years. He gets great joy discovering the values that drive his clients, setting forth a clear picture of the desired future, then supporting the process of action.
Brock has run his own consulting company for the past 22 years. His services include one-on-one strategic business consulting, financial planning to integrate business and personal financial goals as well as team building workshops.

Brock also spent five years as Chairman of a non-profit board for dentists whose charter is to transform our understanding of health and dental health. Currently, Brock lives in Ashland, Oregon with his partner Maylee. He enjoys engaging in the great outdoors with activities such as running, skiing, golfing and hiking. You can also catch him gardening, reading and learning how to do projects around the house by watching YouTube tutorials!

Stay connected with Brock:
website: brockdumont.com

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