Discovering What Matters Most

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Today’s interview is: “Discovering What Matters Most,” featuring Eleni Elnrg

Discovering what matters most
Discovering what matters most Eleni Elnrg

We cover:
* The Pot of Gold You Will Find When You Surrender Trust to Something Greater
* What a Pinecone can teach us about what matters most.
* The opportunity that’s in front of you to change your perception.
And Much More…

About Eleni

Eleni, founder of ‪‬ has passion as a Motivational Speaker. Her speaking career began as the Health and Wellness Consultant for Rastelli Foods Group, traveling across the country to educate people on health, nutrition, and fitness.
She is best known for using her skills as a Certified Life Coach and Thought Process Consultant to empower others.
Utilizing her expertise in the field and the strength of her personal story, she creates a steady stream of programs to help people shatter limits and attract the lives they have always dreamed of.

Eleni shared her inspiring life story in the internationally best selling book Women Who Illuminate and continues to share her message on stages all over the world.
Having over 10 years experience as a Reiki Practitioner and crystal healer she believes and teaches others the power of natural solutions. She is passionately committed to helping people learn the potential of their own healing capabilities.

“My mission is to show people when you replace fear with faith, live by your defined vision and applied belief, you can literally wake your dreams.” Eleni resides in southern New Jersey and is blessed with a spectacular daughter. She is a dedicated volunteer at a local women’s and children’s shelter where she responds to calls to counsels domestic violence assault victims. A well known trainer in her area, Eleni has a true passion for fitness and enjoys utilizing the outdoors to help others feel healthy and inspired.

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