Day 7/8


I still in Hawaii for another couple of days trying to build some momentum on my list.  Luckily my friends out here have been really supportive in helping me do some really cool things.

So far I have Hiked Diamond Head and watched the sunrise, Stand Up Paddle Surfed Wikiki Beach, Ate a Fish Head, Ate a traditional Hawaiian Meal, I sat in Pele’s chair and hiked Makapu’u where I was able to swim in a beautiful tide-pool.

It has been fun being here in Hawaii and seeing how eager my friends are to support me in this endeavor.  They all have jumped at the opportunity to take pictures, suggest places to go, and get up before the sunrise to brave throngs of Japanese tourists to get to the top of Diamond Head.

What has also been really special for me is that I have had several people email me to tell me that my list is now inspiring them to make lists of their own.  This is EXACTLY what I wanted to come from this challenge.  I wanted people to challenge themselves.  To say, “Gee if he can attempt 1000, what can I do?”  That is just it, what CAN YOU DO???

It does not matter if the list is 1000, 100, 10 or even 1 the point is that you are making a list, demanding more for yourself and what you will do in your life.  We all have the same 24 hour clock to work with and thus it falls on each and everyone of us as to how we will do our best to maximize it.

I love all your feedback.  I want to apologize in advance if I cannot get back to everyone individually.  As I am getting more followers (yea!!!!!!  Remember 50,000 is the goal for FaceBook) it will be more difficult for individual responses, but I will do my best.

Thank you all for all of your support in these early days.  Seeing the love and support being thrown out is inspiring me to wake up each day, excited for the challenges and adventures to come.

Carpe Diem,


Tide Pool Swim


Don’t ask me what all of it is called, but mmmm good




Diamond Head Sunrise


SUP Wikiki


Pele’s Chair


Fish Head!!!!

14 Replies to “Day 7/8”

  1. Hello Jesse, nice pictures. Greetings from Germany from Stefan Gruber. I was several times on holidays on the Canary Islands (Maspalomas, Tenerife). It was great. My farest holiday. Hawaii is too far. Too expensive. By the way I look for an American penpal. I already have an English penfriendship. Maybe I have a chance. My e-mail-address is: I studied European Business Administration in London, England and in Reims, France for information. Greetings.

  2. Hello there!!! Gosh yes you're inspiring people!!!Everyone should have a list on their own!! I hope you'll be able to accomplish a lot from your list, if it's not all!! You should keep apart Europe for another year because there is a lot to do and to see over here!!
    I love your pic from Hawaii cause i lived there and it's awesome to see you do things I've done too. Hope you enjoyed Diamong head ^^!! There is one thing I did and which is not on your list and which is nice : kayaking to Moku Nui , a small island near kailua beach!!If you're looking to add one thing on your list it should be it cause the view is beautiful!!I'll following you on facebook and here!!
    Enjoy and dont give up!!
    Take care
    Laura Buelens, from France

  3. This is amazing; however, it takes $$$ to do these things. My list is put on hold right now 🙂 I have had the pleasure of hiking Diamond Head, though!
    Your mission inspires me to make a list of all of the awesome things I've done, and be thankful that I've had the opportunity to do them.

    Best of luck!

  4. You have inspired me… I am going to start with a "list" of 1 thing. I want to get out of my rut of doing the same thing day after day, and do 1 thing I have never done before. Maybe after that, I will have the courage to do 1 more thing… and continue until I am living instead of merely existing. God bless!

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