Day 1/2

Wow!!!!!  I think I may be in way way over my head!  Like so many other things I waited until the last minute to organize my list.  And I also greatly underestimated just how long it would take to organize it.  I think I must be up to hour 15 right now and I still only have it about 60% organized!  I didn’t realize just how many things 1000 is when you put it all down on paper!  I am realizing I am going to have to dedicate an entire wall to posting up all the pages (pictures to come).

Ok, enough whining.  I have never blogged before so please excuse me in advance if I break some unspoken blog rule.  Any of you expert bloggers out there, I could use some help/advice on how to better “enhance” my blog.

So far in addition to ripping out a few strands of hair over stress trying to get organized< i have accomplished several things on my list: No alcohol on New Years Eve, starting this blog, Hiking to Saddle Rock, and Creating a Face Book Page for this challenge.

I feel weird typing this out into cyber space with no one following me yet.  I hope to be writing to some followers of my blog by the next post.

Until then, may this quest of mine serve as a reminder to  Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)


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  1. Good Luck! My sister & I do something similar every year – we set up goals for ourselves from the very simple things (going out to eat together at least 1x a month) to our ideal vacation…

    I look forward to seeing you meet your 1000 goals!

  2. Thanks so much everyone.

    I am trying to keep a master list and have a friend help me with organization. It is really hard to look at a list this long quickly and figure out what you are going to do.

    I love, "you have the world to be accountable for everything you do" thank you. I hope that in turn the world will be inspired to challenge themselves to seek out new possibilities in their lives.

  3. You already have 🙂 Even if certain possibilites are unattainable its the pure fact that most of our world seems to have forgotten how to dream and reach out.

    Carpe Diem! Life is too short not to enjoy it.

    I dont have 1000 challenges but I have atleast 100 for my life 🙂

    Stay Safe.

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