Connecting With Customers Via Video

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Today’s conversation is: “Connecting With Customers Via Video,” featuring Emmy Wu

Connecting With Customers Via Video
Connecting With Customers Via Video Emmy Wu

We Cover:
* Working through the barriers to get people on camera
* Your opportunity to sit with yourself and why you need to seize it
* Which of the thoughts we have are actually true?
And much more

About Emmy

Emmy is a storyteller & strategist who helps visionary entrepreneurs launch their online programs with engagement-driven campaigns to captivate a new cold audience FAST.

Connecting With Customers Via Video

With almost 2 decades of experience in the film industry working with brands like Subaru, Real Housewives, MGM and Paramount Pictures, she brings Hollywood storytelling to create client results like $24k weekends and over $100k in recurring income in less than one year, and a $800k launch with 40X ROI.
At the heart of her work is the love for storytelling: to uncover what makes your brand remarkable and turn it into your secret weapon that builds your LEGACY.

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