The Confidence Catalyst

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Today’s conversation is: “The Confidence Catalyst,” featuring Suzanne Sena

The Confidence Catalyst
The Confidence Catalyst Suzanne Sena

We cover:
* Building Confidence When “the Voices” won’t shut up.
* The Freedom Found in Not Having Expectations
* How Confidence is Your Key to Emotional Freedom
And much more

About Suzanne Sena

Suzanne Sena was born missing the “no-you-can’t!” chip and spent a lifetime ignoring every limit she ever met. The Emmy-nominated talent, entrepreneur and now a thought leader on confidence, Sena coaches America’s corporate workforce to use the same mindset. Perhaps most famously, she is known from the Fox News Channel, Regis & Kathie Lee, E! Entertainment TV and The Onion News Network (ONN), and her Sena-Series Media Training has been utilized by clients from AEG and Deloitte & Touche to Google, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, PopTV and many other corporations and brands.

The Confidence Catalyst

Today, as America’s Confidence Catalyst®, she also hosts a podcast, The Confidence Connection, that gives the inside scoop on how some of the most successful names in the world have made it.
Sena is also penning a book that provides a roadmap for others to tap into their personal superstardom.
It’s Sena’s attitude that makes her uniquely qualified to teach others confidence: “I’ve been around some of the most incredible people, whose greatness inspired my own successes. “I was never intimidated by them; I was motivated.”

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